Lafayette Heritage Trail Park

Tallahassee, FL

Est. 1996


Lafayette Heritage Trail Park

Nestled in the heart of Tallahassee, Florida, Lafayette Heritage Trail Park is an ecological treasure waiting to be discovered. This sprawling park thrives with a kaleidoscope of plant and animal species, making it a haven for naturalists, outdoor enthusiasts, and casual hikers alike. A walking tour unveils the park’s flourishing biodiversity – towering trees, vibrant wildflowers, and the occasional sighting of an American alligator or yellow-bellied turtle. Visitors may also catch a glimpse of a variety of birds, including egrets, herons, and ducks. The park is a living laboratory that showcases the rich tapestry of Florida’s ecosystem, providing an immersive experience into the fascinating world of natural history.

The park features an assortment of outdoor amenities that cater to every kind of visitor. There are trails suitable for hiking, running, and leisurely strolls, as well as dedicated mountain bike paths for the adventurous. The universally accessible fishing pier and hand-launch boat ramp on Piney Z Lake invite anglers and boaters to explore the waterways teeming with largemouth bass, crappies, and catfish. The paddling trail offers a unique perspective on the park’s lush surroundings, while the floating docks and picnic shelters provide tranquil spots for rest and relaxation. Whether you’re seeking physical activity in the playground or shared-use trails, a quiet moment observing wildlife, or a peaceful day of freshwater fishing, Lafayette Heritage Trail Park offers an enriching encounter with nature that is both inspiring and rejuvenating.

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Common gallinule
Egretta_thula_Snowy_Egret__Shark_Valley_Evergales_NP_FL-KD_Godbeer(c)2014 (13)
Snowy egret
Northern Cardinal
Great egret
Great Blue Heron with fish- Bailey Tract (Sanibel Island) Florida USA
Great blue heron
Brown female wood duck Aix sponsa
Wood Duck
Fish crow bird Corvus ossifragus forages for food
Fish crow


Finger 1 Cattail
Common cattail
Finger 4 Swamp Smartweed
Swamp smartweed
American white waterlily
American_lotus_Nelumbo_lutea-Piney_Z_Lake-Tallahassee_FL-June-Kristan_D_Godbeer(c)2023 (2)
American lotus
Finger 1 Meadowbeauty
Pale meadowbeauty
Finger 2 Bald Cypress
Bald cypress
Finger 2 Red Maple 1
Red maple
Finger 2 Netted Chain Fern
Netted chain fern